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Lots of legs!

Observed: 11th May 2011 By: Mushroom LadyMushroom Lady’s reputation in InvertebratesMushroom Lady’s reputation in InvertebratesMushroom Lady’s reputation in Invertebrates
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Common Banded Centipede

Your very brave Heidi, I think I must have been traumatised as a child. I can handle almost all the uk creepy crawlies, but I can't remember ever being comfortable with Centipedes, Earwigs and Wireworms.



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Those are not my hands,

Those are not my hands, William! They are photos from a school trip to a forest, where the children were fascinated by what they could find - especially under stones and rocks! Some of the photos were taken by the children themselves, and the ones I took were just quick snaps with no time to focus properly. So, no prizes for bravery today! :)

Mushroom Lady

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Identity of specimen

Certainly Lithobius variegatus. It is the only British Lithobius centipede with those banded legs.