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Shield bug nymphs

Observed: 10th May 2011 By: terrycrynantterrycrynant’s reputation in Invertebratesterrycrynant’s reputation in Invertebratesterrycrynant’s reputation in Invertebrates
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Mound of bugs clumped closely together on bramble leaf.Quite a big difference in size .Stayed together until I approached very close then one moved and they all scattered. I saw a second similar group also on an old bramble leaf.Can anyone tell me what they are doing.

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Probably Zicrona

I agree it's most likely, but I think Picromerus bidens is just possible as well - or even Rhacognathus punctatus, but that should be on heather.

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I've just looked on British

I've just looked on British bugs at the two species you mentioned and I think they could be Picromerus bidens .I don't think they are Rhacognathus punctatus because of the habitat they are described as living in.I'll try and find some adults later in the year.

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Zicrona or Picromerus?

It is sometimes tricky to identify these early instars, but as I said, I do think these are probably Zicrona... the proportions of the fore-body seem a little too long for Picromerus, although I can't be absolutely definite. You'll have to go back in a week or two and see if you can find some older ones. :)