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Crane-fly, but which?

Observed: 10th May 2011 By: jcdalmer

This seems more striking than the crane-flies I am used to seeing and I would like to know if it is a common crane-fly, or maybe Tipula maxima?

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The swelling at the end of the abdomen is the male's genitalia, which in Tipula cava and a few of its relatives is large and bright orange! Of these large orange craneflies T. cava is the one I see most frequently, but there are several similar species and a clear close-up photo of the tip of the abdomen is needed to confirm them.

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Many thanks for the ID and the detailed information. Tipula cava is not listed in my Collins insect guide - must find a more comprehensive book! If I see one again when I have my camera I will now know what to aim for!