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Observed: 29th April 2011 By: CoolerPlaneCoolerPlane’s reputation in Amphibians and Reptiles
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3 to 4 foot long Green/Yellow snake seen in Bordeaux, France

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Western whip snake

These are attractive animals, I came across one when looking for cave paintings in France.

There are other, similar species, though none are as strongly marked as the Western whip snake. This is an adult, juveniles have broader yellow bands on the head. Now if you had been in Italy it might not have been so easy to identify as they are dark, sometimes black there and look more like other snakes in the region.

They get their names because they move so fast. Take care the guide to the cave paintings said they are very aggressive and will stay and bite rather than slither away when frightened. They are not venomous but I imagine the bite would hurt, as with grass snakes.

Graham Banwell

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I have just noticed the lack

I have just noticed the lack of a small but essential word in my ID comment.

It should be 'Others you might confuse it with do NOT occur in this bit of Europe'.



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