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Geometrid Moth?

Observed: 22nd September 2009 By: jccurdjccurd’s reputation in Invertebratesjccurd’s reputation in Invertebratesjccurd’s reputation in Invertebratesjccurd’s reputation in Invertebrates

An unidentified beastie from southern France two years ago. Being historic, I'm sorry but I can't remember worthwhile dimension estimates. It looks like a Geometrid, maybe a Carpet or a Pug, to my untrained eye but messrs Townsend and Lewington are giving me trouble again. (No change there, then.)
Any help appreciated, as always.

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Just Beauty it is, then

Many thanks, David, and I really appreciate your expert eye. Every time I try to match a specimen to one of the pictures by Mr Lewington (who I respect), I don't get very far. Individual variation sometimes seems greater than the differences in the drawings between similar species, if you see what I mean. They seem brighter than life, somehow, too.

Practice, practice, practice!


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My book on the moths of France has 9 species of Peribatodes. Willow Beauty does seem to be the most likely though.