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Baby lizard?

Observed: 22nd June 2010 By: RebeccaTheed
head shot
head shot 1

We found this lovely little creature at the bottom of a overwintered plant pot at the smallholding we run in west sussex .I havent found any real answer to what he is but I am assuming he is a type of native lizard? Be great to find out

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One of two -

Smooth (Common) or Palmate newt, tricky to tell apart.
Not lizards, these are amphibians. They breed in ponds, but the adults over-winter anywhere sheltered - cellars, rubble heaps, compost bins, and so on.

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Tail Filaments

The tail filament on Palmate newts is part of the breeding dress for mature adults - males have them and occasionally females do as well, only smaller. This newt is far too small to have a tail filament even if it were a Palmate newt.

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When babies, as with this one, it is impossible to tell smooth from palmate. Nice pictures, I especially like the left one.

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See here for how to tell

See here for how to tell apart juvenile Lissotriton. It's easy!