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Unkown skull

Observed: 20th April 2011 By: -Peregrine-Falcon-
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Can anyone ID this skull, please. I think it is possible that of a bird due to the bone structure at the front and it is very light for its size (approx 8cm X 4.5cm). This is as I found it, with nothing else around it.

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Way too big at 8cm for a

Way too big at 8cm for a hedgehog. Too big for a rabbit too, even pushing it for a hare.

Any deer in the area? Could be a juvenile Roe.

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Actually, there are Muntjac

Actually, there are Muntjac there so I'm going for that.

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It's a fox

I've compared this to the specimens I have in my personal reference collection and this braincase belongs to a fox. The size, shape and sutures all match perfectly.

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Went through fox first,

Went through fox first, thought it was maybe too stumpy. But defer to your judgement.

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Stumpy because it's young

I should have mentioned that it's a juvenile, the sagittal and nuchal crests are poorly developed and the frontal sutures are ill-fused. The faciocranial region has probably become detached because of this poor fusion - the airy bones in the front of the skull where the face has come off are the remnants of the nasal turbinates.

Without the nuchal and sagittal crests and facial region the braincase looks stumpier than you would expect from an adult fox.

I did consider badger, but the sutures areound the temporal region are wrong. They match the fox perfectly.