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Flies at Portbury Wharf Nature Reserve

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These look rather similar to me and may be the same species, but I could well be wrong about that!

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blue bottle fly

not sure about the spieces but i see alot of them in the garden and backyard they are intresting and a pretty colour

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they are intresting and a

they are intresting and a pretty colour

Oh yes, very pretty looking. I find it a bit difficult to get that prettiness into a photo because their highly reflective "metallic" bodies seem to produce nasty over-exposed highlights very easily.


Images from Gordano Valley Avon Wildlife Trust sites

Images mainly from our garden

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The names "green-bottle" and "blue-bottle" have been applied to a range of different fly species. This one, in genus Lucilia, is probably the one most often called a green-bottle, but there are similar green flies in four or five other genera from two families.

The photos are great, and a good example of taking several shots from different angles, making it much easier to suggest an identification.

The name blue-bottle is usually applied to the slightly larger blue-black files in genus Calliphora.

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