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Song thrush

Observed: 13th December 2009 By: JMR89JMR89’s reputation in BirdsJMR89’s reputation in Birds
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Song thrushes

Always good to see a sighting of a song thrush given their major decline in recent years. I hadn't seen one for ages until yesterday (13th Dec) when I saw two in the space of half an hour, one in my garden and one whilst driving through Penzance. An excellent place to see them is St. Agnes, Isles of Scilly, where they seem to have maintained their numbers and also seem quite fearless of man.


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I have two that come into my garden (identified thanks to ispot) They are shy, timid birds, which is a good thing. But lovely to see and hear.

Sam, Student.

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Song thrush

There were three sightings during that day but believe it was the same bird. It would be nice to see it again.

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song thrush - recovery

Anecdotal evidence from birders I meet on a number of walks suggests they are starting to recover again. I've certainly seen (and heard) good numbers in the last couple of years in West London.