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Feral pigeon

Observed: 16th February 2007 By: PerdikaPerdika’s reputation in BirdsPerdika’s reputation in BirdsPerdika’s reputation in Birds
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A few years ago, when these were taken, feral pigeons were the major consumers of our bird food. The photos show how agile and resourceful they can be. The baffle above the feeder in the first photo (actually a plastic picnic plate) succeeded more or less in deterring squirrels, but it was only when we changed all our feeders that pigeons stopped coming.

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I have 3 feeders -

a table, a ground tray, and a hanging seed feeder - and I've had to cage all of them because of these and their Woodpigeon cousins.
It wasn't so much the amount they ate, it was the fact that they then squatted on or near the food, preventing everything else from feeding, until they were hungry again!

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annoying pigeons

I have large woodpigeons which sit on top of a tiny window feeder and eat the fat balls. I get fed up of chasing them away!