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Resting Damselfly

Observed: 7th May 2011 By: campathmikecampathmike’s reputation in Invertebratescampathmike’s reputation in Invertebratescampathmike’s reputation in Invertebrates
110507_145252_P5071854 - Version 2

Observed resting in the undergrowth next to the path during a recent visit to the RSPB reserve Lakenheath Fen

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Hi- Please do not agree with

Hi- Please do not agree with my ID. I neglected to to view the full sized photo and form the thumb nail I thought the dark abdomen suggested blue-tailed. Looking again I'm pretty sure it is an azure damselfly. Sorry for the mistake!

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Yes, definitely a maturing male Azure.
I can see how the appearance from the thumbnail could make this one look like a Blue-tailed - the blue towards the rear end is a bit too extensive, although this is more obvious if you click on the thumbnail and enlarge the image (restricted solely to abdomen segment 8 on a Blue-tailed).

Full respect for posting a retraction of your ID though Mark - we all make similar mistakes (often through not taking enough time to look at all the details), but it is not always easy to admit to them!

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Thanks for correctly identifying my observation.