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Longhorn Beetle

Observed: 8th May 2011 By: Juliand
Longhorn Beetle

Found this beetle flying around inside our house. Likely to be a longhorn, but could not find any images of similar beetles with the same colouring - i.e. red thorax - except for non-native species.

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I suspect it hasn't attached properly. Go to My Spot - Observations, select this one, then click on the Edit tab. Repeat the attachment, but wait until the image appears before you Save. Most of us have upload speeds which are much slower than downloads, so it can take a while.

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Now with photo uploaded!

Thanks for pointing out the oversight. Looking forward to finding out what it is... now that people can see it.

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Red-collared Longhorn Beetle

Thanks Roger. Further searching on the name you provided turns up Red-collared Longhorn Beetle as a common name. Seems reasonable.

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There are a number of species which share this colour pattern. A search within ispot on 'Dinoptera' shows three different species, in three different families, none of them Dinoptera.

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Looks like Phymatodes testaceus

From other photos (e.g. http://www.wbrc.org.uk/WorcRecd/Issue11/Note2001.htm) am inclined to agree - the femora seem to be the giveaway.