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Shaggy Pholiota (Pholiota squarrosa)

Observed: 13th December 2009 By: Blewit Boy
Cardiff Naturalists' Society
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growing in thick tufts around the base of an oak tree.


Caution: Do NOT use iSpot to identify fungi to eat!

Some fungi are very poisonous so a mistaken ID could have serious consequences.

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Probably more likely s.

Probably more likely s. squarrosa than s. adiposa or similar. Interesting that it is past its best as the pictures in books are always in prime condition so if you have a specimen looking a bit worse for ware it can be tricky to ID so perhaps we should collect some more pictures 'a bit past their best' but still where we know the ID to help with identification of unknown specimens on iSpot.

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I completely agree.........

I completely agree with you mike. Too many books give perfect specimens which is unrealistic/unhelpful sometimes when doing field studies. As we know you rarely find the perfect specimen. It may also be worth looking at the other end of the spectrum where you have immature specimens and watch them to see what they grow into. Then record their immature stage.

Would it be possible to start an ispot database on fungi identification, using photos people have submitted and identifications verified??


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Will pass on the suggestion

Will pass on the suggestion about database. Its something I have thought about too but not done anything about as there are some potential problems e.g. do you choose one picture per species or have all of them or something in between and who chooses which pictures.
Anyway this kind of thing might start to be automatic when the new ways of handling species groups start to come on stream in the new year.

One other issue you might want to think about, what do people such as yourself who are keen want to do to continue their 'keenness'. We say join local groups, take the OU course s159 etc but are there other things perhaps specifically related to fungi. Would it be good to start recording systematically, learn how to use a microscope for ID's, use more specialist keys, take more detailed photos. Want to make it still fun so some people may not want to get into using a microscope or carry around more equipment to take more detailed photos. Everyone would be different so may need a variety of different paths. Some of the most productive times for recording are where a group of people have got together in an area and started learning themselves so that they can chat about their findings and go on forays together.