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Leaf mine

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Leaf mine on lettuce.

Species interactions

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Species with which a leaf-mining fly (Chromatomyia atricornis) interacts


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Not many contenders here: the most likely is Chromatomyia 'atricornis' - follow up on the Leaf Miners web site for the complexities of this "species"

Robert Homan

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As Robert suggests, see:

Entomologist and biological recorder

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Not alot of help here, but its a good guide.

- Jamie

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C.horticola on lettuce

Before posting my own I visited every post of Chromatomyia 'atricornis' to see if I could learn more - I did. But like every good iSpotter I have returned to agree where possible.
Now, British records of syngenesiae, horticola or 'atricornis' on hosts other than Asteraceae in Britain, are assumed to represent horticola. is from
I may return then to add another ID. In the meantime, however Martin, I have agreed - so now you owe me a response to my Admin pleas - PLEASE.
So now why not look at mine