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Meadow Clary (Salvia pratensis)

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Meadow Clary (Salvia pratensis)
Meadow Clary (Salvia pratensis)
Meadow Clary (Salvia pratensis)

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To get a clearer picture:

Sometimes it helps to hold a bit still with one hand while you click with the other hand - close-ups are really helpful (it doesn't matter if your hand is in the picture!). Also, it is very useful to see the leaves clearly, and some idea of the size of flowers and leaves helps a lot too.

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Re: Picture

Thanks Chalkie! To be honest there was so much of a wind that even holding the flower with one hand, it was still shaking away, but you're right, I could have held it right up near the flowerhead, and also taken better photos of the leaves. I'm new to wildflower identification and didn't have anything to measure or to write down the sizes of flowers and leaves - I must really be more organised in future.

I've contacted a person associated with the area in question (a small garden for young people to learn about nature) and he says that the plant in question is Salvia pratensis. Would that look right to you?

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Sounds very possible!

Hope my comments didn't sound negative - most of my photos aren't brilliant! I was just trying to suggest what is most helpful if you want someone else to identify something for you - little details, like the backs of flowers, the size and shape of leaves or the fruits can often be the only way to sort out two similar plants. But we tend not to know what the important detail is going to be until it's too late! For sizes, just some idea helps (I know that my finger-nails are about 1cm wide - that gives me some idea to go on).

Carry on being interested!

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Re: Sounds very possible

Negative? Not at all. On the contrary, very constructive - thanks Chalkie. If I want better IDs then I'm going to have to provide better info - it makes sense. Thanks for your help!

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Keeping still

On windy days I will use my body as a shield against the wind or for low growing stuff, my jumper or backpack. Even if it gives a little shelter, it will improve your images. Also, try and be patient, often the wind will drop, for a second or two, giving you the chance to get a few decent images before it starts to blow again.

Please see my Flickr photo's www.flickr.com/photos/129804972@N07/

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Re: Keeping still

Thanks for the tips!