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Some kind of Orchid?

Observed: 25th September 2008 By: smb74
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Lake District - September 2008 029
Lake District - September 2008 029 1

This pink flower was seen growing beside one of the lakes in the Lake District.

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Also known as Policeman's Helmet. (I can't think of any UK orchids that are much taller than knee height - but I can see how they do have an orchid-like look to them.)

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Thanks for your

Thanks for your identification and comments. I have never seen an orchid growing in the wild only in a book

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If you want to see a wild orchid...

Try your local county wildlife trust - they are very likely to have reserve open days when orchids are in flower - any time from now through to June, depending on the orchids. UK wild orchids are much smaller-flowered than shop ones from abroad, but I think they're far more thrilling to see. I first really got interested in wild flowers as a child, when I found a man orchid, purely by chance, near to my home (they are quite rare), and couldn't identify it, as it wasn't in my wild flower book. Imagine the thrill of finding a matching illustration when I visited the Natural History museum in London!

Happy flower hunting.

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Thanks Chalkie, I will

Thanks Chalkie, I will investigate your suggestion.

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Highly invasive Himalayan Balsam. Ive spent many, many volunteer days hand pulling this to stop the spread.

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We found that goats -

are good for controlling it. The only problem was that they ate just about everything else first! Then, when it came down to a choice between the balsam and their own front legs, they ate it. But in heavily-infested areas, it was a good way of starting to tackle the problem.,