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Blue-tailed Sandveld

Observed: 31st July 2010 By: Emmajt28Emmajt28’s reputation in Amphibians and Reptiles
Lizard in South Africa!
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Lizard in South Africa!!!

I spotted this in the durban area of South Africa. It was on the patio of the camp, which was inside a game reserve. Please Identify it!!!!!!

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I cannot find a Pinda Game Reserve in Durban. Please refine your location.

OK: I see below::

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do you want a better ID?

Why not put this on http://za.ispot.org.uk so that southern Africans can share this?

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Blue-tailed sandveld

A very distinctively marked lizard, could not be mistaken for anything else.

Graham Banwell

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I wonder if you could check

I wonder if you could check the location as at present it appears to be in the sea. you can zoom in onthe map to correct the location.

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Southern African Website

Please note that there is a Southern African iSpot at http://za.ispot.org.uk where you are likely to get faster and more accurate identification of local species.

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Thanks for all the comments.

Thanks for all the comments. I have realised that it's in the middle of the sea!!! But I have just moved it to Durban, because it was actually spotted at Pinda Mountian Lodge Reserve and I can't find that on the map!

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is this this??

this is the closest I can get.


If so - it is well out of range for the Bluetail Sandveld Lizard.

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What is iSpot doing here??

Dictionary: Why is this linked to CoL instead of SANBI?

Why is iSpot linking this to a non-existent mis-spelled name?

The species does exist and is in the SANBI dictionary http://www.ispotnature.org/species-dictionaries/sanbi/Trachylepis%20marg...

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Habitat: please fix your

Habitat: please fix your habitat.

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Poor bloody Tony.

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Observation long languishing.

This observation was posted on the UK site and languished there for four years before amalgamation.

But it has returned home at last.

Emma, however, was a once-off visitor!

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Welcome home noble beast!

Your patience is adversity is astounding, Tony. Well done!
Now, maybe if Emma comes back one day she can do something about the title ..?