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Wall Pennywort

Observed: 12th December 2009 By: joseph harrisjoseph harris’s reputation in Plantsjoseph harris’s reputation in Plants

Clump of pennywort growing in the hollow of an ancient oak.

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For some reason this is one of my favourite plants - perhaps because it's so different in appearance and yet so often overlooked. Also known as "navelwort" due to the navel-like appearance of the leaves, and this is presumably also the reason for the generic name.
It's also a useful plant: the leaves can be rubbed on grazes and scratches as a mild analgesic, and they are also edible, adding a mild flavour to salads (although the taste can get a bit strong and not so pleasant in older leaves).


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Yes, it is indeed a wonderful

Yes, it is indeed a wonderful and valuable plant, especially within folklore and is said to, although this is often disputed to help with dropsy, kidney trouble, spots and inflammations. A bath with the juice of the leaves is said to cure piles!!!

....I like it too.