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Early forget me Not

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Early forget me Not Calley 6.5.11.
Early forget me Not Calley 6.5.11. 1

Petal tube longer than calyx tube. Stems hairy below, appressed above. Corrollas 3mm across. Growing in waste ground adjacent to the hotel.

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'petal tube longer than calyx'

This is the only bit that doesn't seem to fit - in Rose, it says the opposite 'tube shorter than calyx' - but the illustration looks just like the photo, so I don't quite get it. Unless the base of the corolla tube is higher up than the base of the calyx - perhaps you have to pull the flower tube out? I've been trying to id Myosotis, and find it quite tricky,despite referring to four books (maybe that's the problem?)

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You're right

Rose does say 'petal tube shorter than calyx' so maybe the id is wrong. A more experienced hand may guide us! Ive found Rose to be very helpful in many situations though I do spend most of my time in the glossary at the back!

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There is indeed some contradictory information in the literature, and it seems the calyx continues to grow slightly once the flower has opened, to later protect the fruit, so the distinction is probably worthless. The narrowly triangular calyx lobes are a better help, but habit may be most important.

I have looked at a lot of herbarium material of Myosotis, and there is a surprising lack of clear morphological characters to separate the species.


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Really helpful comments, thank you.

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Thank you. No field guide can beat experience

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