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Think this is one of the many Hawkweeds

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Hieracium phyllopoda ?

What is the source of this name?

The recent revision of British Hieracium species by P.D. Sell includes 412 species, none of which is called "phyllopoda", nor is phyllopoda included as a synonym for any of these. Nor is phyllopoda a section name.

A very large proportion of the 412 species have a basal rosette and 1 to very few large stem leaves.

I see Tim Rich is one of those who have agreed simply with "Hieracium" as the ID, and as he is one of the few with depth of knowledge on these plants, I think we can assume that if these photographs could be confidently named to species, he would likely have done so.

I am not for a moment saying that people should not add their own thoughts on ID, but this one might cause confusion?


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I didn't mean it too cause confusion nor did i mean it as a ID on species. I have read an old oxford illustrated that mentioned phyllopoda as a group of hawkweeds and thought this belonged there!! I'm certainly no match for Tim Rich!! Sorry to cause confusion! ;)

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Tim's reputation is vastly

Tim's reputation is vastly exaggerated by Alan above - I know only a few rare Welsh hawkweeds in detail. In these cases a plant is the hand is worth 412 on the web.

Tim Rich