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Black Medic

Observed: 7th May 2011 By: Thomas J. Richardson
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Black Medic close-up
Black Medic close-up 1
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Good spot Chalkie. I had to

Good spot Chalkie. I had to look hard for those black seed pods!

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I couldn't actually see them!

There were some possibles in the photos - but really I meant that they are a useful check if they are there!

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I'll go back out tomorrow

I'll go back out tomorrow with an eye-glass and make sure. But the top of a limestone hill fits as well so I think you're right.

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Forget what i just said!!

I must be going blind or something!!! :(

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Not to worry!

I keep having great difficulty sorting out hop trefoil and lesser trefoil - I've almost convinced myself that lesser trefoil around here is hairy, but think I've just not checked everything carefully enough.

Incidentally - medick has a k on the end (olde fashionede word for medication/medicine, rather than a student doctor - well, that's what 'medic' means to me)

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My guide says:
Medicago lupulina (Black Medic, sometimes spelled Medick or Meddick)

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You win! All my books have a k, but then, they are mostly quite old. Like me!

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OK - you win!

I'll have to concede defeat on this one! All my books have Medick, but words do change over time, and regionally.

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No worries

np, just me being pedantic, I'd like to say that's why we have latin names, but they seem to be variable as well. Still a pretty flower!