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Bombus terrestris

Observed: 15th September 2009 By: Doug Coates
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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About 20mm long with golden deep yellow bands and off white tail.

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it could also be Bombus

it could also be Bombus lucorum, although telling the species apart can be quite tricky unless there is one of each species to compare it to. B lucorum queens can grow to around 20mm although they are the smaller of the two species. also in B lucorum there is an orange band on the thorax that is much darker and hardly recognisable on B. terrestris. It would be impossible to tell apart the workers of the two species unless disected as they are very similar. my guess would be this is a queen B. lucorum, although i would not say i am 100%!

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This is not B. lucorum. The

This is not B. lucorum. The tail is never brown in that species. The yellow thoracic band in the picture is typical of terrestris.