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Mystery flower

Observed: 18th May 2000 By: marionwolstencroft
mystery flower

plant has basal rosette of leaves of shape shown on lower part of stem with 2 flower stalks as illustrated. Height 45cms, all leaves slightly hairy, stem hairy.

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mystery plant - fringe cup

I believe the plant to be a fringe-cup (Tellima grandiflora) or similar. This native of NW America has naturalised widely in woods and damp hedgerows.

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I thought the same thing!

Someone else put a photo of Tellima up very recently - it does look very similar.

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Mystery Flower - Fringe bells or Fringe cup

Thanks to everyone who identified -Im impressed with the response!
My colleague identified it in Rose a few hours later, where I had missed it.
Next time I will try and be more challenging rather than myopic.