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Doves-foot Cranes-bill?

Observed: 25th April 2011 By: PoppyPoppy’s reputation in PlantsPoppy’s reputation in PlantsPoppy’s reputation in Plants
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Distinction of G. molle and G. pusillum

This is definitely G. molle, as:
i) the pedicels (flower-stalks) have long as well as short hairs, easily visible in the left-hand photograph (all short in G. pusillum)
ii) the petals are deeply notched (shallowly notched in G. pusillum)
iii) all the stamens have anthers (outer stamens lack anthers in G. pusillum).

The dusky pink flower colour is more typical of G. pusillum, whereas G.molle is usually a brighter lilac-pink, but this is not a reliable character for ID.