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Observed: 7th May 2011 By: Thomas J. Richardson
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Umbelled Primrose

I note that another ID has been added for Primula x polyantha since I pointed out this is most likely a pure primrose. Fair enough, though I would argue that agreement should have been added to the existing same ID and reasons for doing so added as a separate comment, so we don't have duplications of IDs.

However, the new ID is based on the sometimes false premise that "Primrose has flowers on single stalks emanating from the base. The Cowslip has a bunch of flowers on top of a long stalk."

As I said in my ID, this is an UMBELLED primrose, i.e. the variant of the pure species that has a long common stalk to all the flowers. This happens in primroses now and again, and one result is the rather untidy looking plant that also has the long stalks to individual flowers (i.e. long pedicels). This variant is not very common, but does result, as apparently here, in erroneous records for the hybrid.

Without other characters, the long initial stalk is NOT justification for recording the hybrid.