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Black duck ???

Observed: 6th May 2011 By: djdyson

Black/brown duck. Upright stance. Larger than a Mallard. Smaller than a Canada Goose.
Could it be a hybrid. Not listed in Birds of Btitain & Europe. Not a sharp shot, as it would not keep still !!

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We have one just the same in

We have one just the same in our park in Buckfastleigh, Devon. She lives with our resident Muscovy Ducks and we believe that she is an Indian Runner/Mallard/Muscovy cross breed. She is called Brownie - and is an excellent look out and alarm call for the less agile Muscovies. She also acts as nanny to orphaned chicks and has been seen luring the fox away.

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Pam may well be right -

I'd have said it was an Indian Runner Duck, which is a domestic breed descended (as most are) from the Mallard. The Muscovy is about the only domestic strain not to share this origin.