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Great Crested Newt?

Observed: 17th April 2011 By: PoppyPoppy’s reputation in Amphibians and ReptilesPoppy’s reputation in Amphibians and Reptiles
great crested

The photograph was taken at a distance and the newts wouldn't keep still, so the photograph is not very clear I'm afraid! Hopefully there'll be a newt expert or two out there who will still be able to tell whether this is indeed a Great Crested Newt :)

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There is a good resource at

There is a good resource at http://www.narrs.org.uk/Documents/nasdocuments/Amphibian_Identification.ppt.

It is especially good at showing the difference between Smooth and Palmate.



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Smooth newt

Syrphus is right , this is a smooth newt.

Graham Banwell

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