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Brown Hare

Observed: 5th May 2011 By: pkd35
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Young hare - poor photos (taken with the ever ready macro lens!).
Not sure at what age a leveret becomes adult. I'm sure someone will advise me!

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Good ID photos

I think they're excellent ID photos - they show the black tips to the ears and the black colouration on the upper side of the tail. Without these, young hares (I would describe this one as an immature hare rather than a leveret/juvenile) can have proportions/appearance more similar to a rabbit - they haven't got their full 'long-leggedness' or that wild look in their eyes!

Gill Sinclair
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Lovely pictures

They are way, way better than the previous ones on ispot! I didn't know about the black on the tail before. Interesting, thanks.

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europaeus v. capensis

There are actually lots of excellent pictures of hares on iSpot, but under the now accepted name of Lepus europaeus. I think it changed from capensis some time in the 90s?

I am not saying that these pics are not excellent, incidentally! :)


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Is capensis still a valid (albeit it junior) synonym, or does that specific name now belong to another species?

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Scientific name

I use the IUCN Red List as my 'bible', and it is still using L. europaeus but, as you'll see, the debate about scientific names is acknowledged

Gill Sinclair
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These are good id photos, especially the one running showing how they put their back legs in front of the front, leapfrog style; it makes sense of their footprints in snow.

Graham Banwell

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