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Mini-Willow but which species??

Observed: 6th May 2011 By: PhilT69PhilT69’s reputation in PlantsPhilT69’s reputation in PlantsPhilT69’s reputation in PlantsPhilT69’s reputation in Plants
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Very small bush (Willow) with spreading branches, growing in heathland in small ditch. Height only about 1m. Bright yellow flowers. Unopened flowers (?) are orange.Flowering before the leaves emerge.

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Many thanks for your ID -

Willows not the easisest to identify!

Phil T.

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Probably not S. repens

The branching and the densely pubescent unfolding leaves suggust this is NOT S. repens. (S. repens ssp. argentea has silvery-hairy leaves but that is usually coastal and is unlikely in the given locality).

On balance it is either Eared Sallow, Salix aurita, or a hybrid of same. The branching does not quite match typical, pure S. aurita, so it might well be S. x multinervis (S. aurita x cinerea), a common hybrid that often replaces pure S. aurita in marginal moorland areas. However, I am inclined to call this one S. aurita, even if it may have acquired a few genes from outside its species. It is better to wait for Salix species to come fully into leaf for reliable ID.


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Thanks, Alan -

I will wait for the leaves with great interest! S.aurita does appear a good candidate now you indicate it.
- Phil

Phil T.

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See also (ID confirmed by a renowned Willow specialist)