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Starling roost at Otmoor

Observed: 13th December 2009 By: Martin Harvey
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Otmoor starlings

Joined an RSPB guided walk at their Otmoor reserve today to see the spectacular flocks of Starlings, wheeling and diving above the reedbeds. Fantastic thing to experience, sorry the photo doesn't do it justice!

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Starling flocks

Flocks of starlings in flight must be one of nature's greatest spectacles.
I grew up near Brighton at a time when tens of thousands used to roost on the ruins of the old West Pier - watching flocks of them coming in to roost with the sun setting over the sea is one of those iconic images that will always stay with me. If anyone from the Brighton area is reading this, I'd be interested to know if starlings still occur in large numbers there now that this major roosting site has gone.


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Starling flocks

Officially known as a 'Murmuration'