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Matted growth on a tree

Observed: 29th April 2010 By: RefugeeRefugee’s reputation in PlantsRefugee’s reputation in PlantsRefugee’s reputation in PlantsRefugee’s reputation in Plants
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This is not mistletoe or a birds nest as it has leaves the same as the tree.
It is on silver birch and hangs like a pendant from a small branch that does not continue to grow normally.
The remainder of the tree looks normal.
There are several clusters on each of several silver birch trees close to each other.

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Witch's Broom, Taphrina betulina -

its a growth caused by this fungus, causing many thin twigs to grow fron one point on a tree branch - often on Birch.

Phil T.

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This is Witch's Broom, a fungal infection -

The fungus Tephrina betulina causes this growth of many small twigs from one point on Birch branch.

Phil T.

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Witches' broom

I am certain it is this.

Peter Shirley