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Unidentified organism!

Observed: 11th May 2009 By: Mergirl1

eel like around 30cm, grey coloured, dead, thought to have been dropped by gull

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I think it is an eel!

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Eel? that depends...

Certainly the overall elongated shape suggests an eel, but even as juveniles/elvers, members of the eel family have a dorsal fin running along the back around the end of the tail, then continuing beneath as the shorter anal fin (no breaks). I can't see this in the photo - if it was present (maybe damaged/folded flat - could the original sender confirm this? Also, can you remember if it was silvery/pale underneath?) then it could be an eel, but if not (e.g. if there is a break between the tail fin and dorsal/anal fins) it is something else. Not yet sure what that something might be though... if it was found dead, it could be discarded bycatch from a trawler (even if subsequently dropped by a gull...) and so be a deeper-water species.

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It was certainly eel like but

It was certainly eel like but i really don't think it was an eel, and neither did my lecturer and yes it was pale underneath, i think you are right in suggesting a possible deep-water species....

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not an eel, but...

I have a thought - see suggested identification...