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Millipede- species unknown

Observed: 15th July 2008 By: Mergirl1Mergirl1’s reputation in Invertebrates

length about 50cm, dark reddish brown


No identification made yet.

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Hong Kong species

Hi Araminta, it is fascinating to see your photos from Hong Kong, but I'm afraid iSpot is set up to concentrate on wildlife in Britain and Ireland at the moment, so we may not be able to help much with suggesting identifications for your observations - sorry!

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No worries, hope you don't

No worries, hope you don't mind mind me putting them on, it's for an assignment and i haven't been able to get much UK stuff done yet so i've been using photos i've already got

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It's fine to post foreign

It's fine to post foreign observations, but if you could put the name of the country in as a tag in future, that would help alert people to the location. 'Hong Kong' as a location is obvious, but some foreign location names are not.

Interesting that you are using iSpot for your course. Are you a student of Dave Hodgeson's at Falmouth? Hope you are finding iSpot useful!

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