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Pen shell?

Observed: 11th July 2008 By: Mergirl1Mergirl1’s reputation in Invertebrates
Pen shell
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noble effort

A post from the Philipines. The specific location is quite suspicious, it being on a beach 30k from the sea.
I suspect Araminta has left the iSpot arena (a pity), so maybe we'll never know more.
Despite all this, I think it IS a Pan Shell so have taken a punt - I need agreements!

This post was made deliberately in GLOBAL as I do not think Pinna nobilis is in the UKSI Dictionary. However, it seems to be a first for iSpot!
I might try posting from UK&I.
I did and it failed!
The things I do for iSpot!

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Pinna nobilis is an endemic Mediterranean species. GBIF portal shows none in Philippines.
GBIF show at least 4 possible Pinnas in Philippines (though I agree, not in the middle of Mindora Island). P. muricata, P. atropurpurea, P. trigonium, P. bicolor. I cannot tell which this is, but it is a splendid shell.
has some photos of some of them.