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Is this a hornet?

Observed: 8th October 2010 By: kev.brace
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This was buzzing around our house last autumn. WE live in north Shropshire, very close to an ancient wood. It was slightly bigger than a normal hornet, but!!! the main difference is that it's head was bright RED!!! We do have hornets here, and this did not look like a regular hornet. So is it some kind of wood wasp? Help - please. I've lived in and around the country and have never seen a wasp or hornet lkie this.

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As far as one can tell from these very blurry pics, this is a regular hornet. The head looks to be yellow at the back rather than red.... but I can't be certain

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hornet? not a Vespa crabro

I have to disagree with the ID people - sorry. This insect was much different to the Vespa crabro, that's been offered. The abdomen and thorax were much more seperated than a regular hornet - and the head was really a bright shade of red. These two factors make it really very different from the hornets I've seen buzzing around our house. Which is why I did not get too close - hence the poor pictures. This thing did really look very different from anything else I've seen.

If indeed it is a hornet - why the very red head?

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It is 100% certain this is a Hornet.

If the observation was made in the autumn what you probably had was a pre-hibernation queen hornet looking for a place to spend the winter. These are bigger than the usual worker hornets you normally see and the heads can be a very red/orange colour.

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