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Bat poss pipistrelle

Observed: 4th May 2011 By: stephenmidstephenmid’s reputation in Mammalsstephenmid’s reputation in Mammals
Bat zoomed in
Bat zoomed in  1

Saw large numbers of these bat over the boating pond near Alexandra Palace.

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Good shot

Good shot

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Good shot

It was just luck. I have 20 or so with nothing on. They moved too quickly for me.


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Bat i.d.

Can you eliminate Daubenton's bat? especially over water.

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It could be - we did think that we heard some Daubenton's a bit later with bat detectors.


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It's not a daubentons bat

Daubentons bats have pale belly fur. The bat in the photo (great photo btw!) has belly fur the same colour as it's back.Also the dark fur around it's face and the sheer numbers of bats makes me think it could be a Common Pipstrelle too, although it's hard to be sure.

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It is hard to say on this one as the flashlight could be distorting the colours. The behaviour sounds like Daubenton's but pipistrelles will also fly near water, they tend to fly higher over water than Daubenton's though. When you say large numbers do you mean 10, 20, 50 ... I have estimated around 20 Daubenton's feeding over a pond.

Graham Banwell

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