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Tadpoles of the common frog

Observed: 4th May 2011 By: grey georgegrey george’s reputation in Amphibians and Reptilesgrey george’s reputation in Amphibians and Reptiles
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Lilly pond by the side of the Weymouth to Waterloo railway. In the New Forest close to Brockenhurst. Loaded with tadpoles (I guess they are frog ones not toads)I've not seen a swarm like this for many years, especially not this early in the year. There were also Dragonflies and Damselflies but they would not stay still long enough to be photographed.

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My feeling is these are frogs, though I accept your local knowledge Masked Marvel. As you say toads are black, they are also slimmer and much smaller than frogs. These have the fat, bulbous look of frogs and look to be brown, though that could be the photo.

Graham Banwell

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