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Broad bean flowers

Observed: 28th April 2011 By: TrinityTrinity’s reputation in PlantsTrinity’s reputation in PlantsTrinity’s reputation in Plants
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Never really had a good look at the flowers of the veg I grow, but this caught my eye. My broad beans have just come into flower, amazing detail and a spectacular black and white colouration....

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Mine are not in flower yet but did survive last night's frost,taste so much nicer when you grow them yourself,flower's are sweet and nice in salad's but then you don't get the bean if you pick to many


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Never eaten the flowers b4,

Never eaten the flowers b4, will have to try them, didn't know that they were also edible. And I totally agree, growing ur own is best, they do taste much nicer, especially when cooked and eaten straight off the plant... Much more satisfying than buying them from the counter at a shop.... and its surprising how much money u save too...


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What about the scent? Amazing!

They smell even better than apple blossom and bluebells - I could smell a field of them on my way home from work today (probably fodder field beans, but pretty much the same thing). Seems a rather weird thing to have as a favourite scent, but broad beans just smell divine! Though I can't say it had ever occurred to me to eat them.

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Really!!!! Oh u'v got to try

Really!!!! Oh u'v got to try them they are lovely, go well with most dishes I find. So easy to grow too. I do mine in pots, have to watch out for the black fly though!!!!!