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Brown Rustic - male

Observed: 3rd May 2011 By: PetejPetej’s reputation in InvertebratesPetej’s reputation in InvertebratesPetej’s reputation in InvertebratesPetej’s reputation in Invertebrates
Brown Rustic - male

Came to outside light but landed on the wall well away from the light hence the slightly blurred photo.

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3rd April seems very early for Brown Rustic

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It is early

Yes, it's early but there are a lot of records being broken this year. I have no doubt this is Brown Rustic.

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Brown Rustic

Thanks both - I have entered the date wrongly and it should be 03.05.11.

It has been noticeable that when I am looking at the book to identify moths there have been occasions where the flight season has been indicated a month later than the sighting so I am getting a local impression that moths are about 3 or 4 weeks earlier this year.

I had Blue Tits nesting in the garden right at the beginning of April so I wonder if they have sensed that everything was going to be earlier this year.



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I tend to use 'about a month earlier than the books say' to indicate the expected time for a lot of species these days. Whether that is climate change or just increased observer effort to the past capturing more 'exceptional' emergences I don't know.

Two months early (as this one seemed) felt odd.

You can edit the entry to correct the date if you want to.