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Pretty caterpillar - ID help needed

Observed: 3rd May 2011 By: MandaArachnid

Approx length 3 cm. This caterpillar was on the move, or had possibly fallen from a sloe bush above where it was found, on the rim of my washing basket. The other plants in the area were weedy grass, docks, nettles, dandelions etc.

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ID help needed please

I find caterpillars very difficult to ID. Can anyone recommend a good book?

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Jim Porter's guide is pretty decent (something like 'Colour Guide to the Caterpillars of the British Lepidoptera'). Have a search for it online.

The website is also very good.

David Howdon

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I use British Moths & butterflies, photographic guide by Chris Manley, has a great section at the back of caterpillers. online, ukmoths not bad to.