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Observed: 3rd May 2011 By: MrMotoMrMoto’s reputation in Plants
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Disturbing to see that this photograph has been called S. x uplandicum. It is not.

Whether the purple-flowered version of S. officinale is native is another matter. Here in Scotland it always looks introduced to me, though years ago, the then Symphytum expert, the late Franklyn Perring, assured me he considered the purple-flowered plant to be native.

Along some English rivers, both colour forms can be present and intermediates with what Perring called "candy-striped" flowers may be frequent.

Subsp. bohemicum, e.g. at Wicken Fen, is a noticably smaller plant with more creamy flowers and softer foliage. It can be seen in the litter fields from the boardwalk.

See for true S. x uplandicum - note the different leaves, and blue, somewhat bell-shaped corollas. (But S. x uplandicum is very variable in colour.)