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Beautiful Adder

Observed: 8th May 2008 By: CreatureComfortsCreatureComforts’s reputation in Amphibians and Reptiles

My first close encounter with an Adder - proud to say this one and a female now over-winter in a habitat pile I created :-)

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welcome to iSpot

Nice photo, did you go out looking to photograph adders or was this photo a quick reaction to one you found by chance? Last time I saw one was when walking along a woodland path - first I saw my dog jump over something on the path, then my son (who was about 4 at the time) also jumped over it, then I realised what it was!


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Thanks kitenet. It was a

Thanks kitenet. It was a chance encounter but I knew there were Adders in that area so had camera with me. I'm a gardener/groundsman on a private estate where I look after 30 acres with all sorts of habitats; lots of wildlife on site and will add some more 'spots' soon. Had a similar experience with an Adder, was walking my dog and bosses' 2 dogs when all 3 jumped a stick - nearly had heart-attack when saw what it was!

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Hi Carl,

Glad to see you using ISpot, love the photo, looks like it is about to lunge towards the camera!

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Thanks Rose, that sounds

Thanks Rose, that sounds interesting will look into it - funny actually since i,ve cleared brash from some areas in winter have quite a few plants/flowers coming through now that i don't know! If get time take 'Rose' I'd book out but some are tricky! Had two Common Spotted Orchids last year - got four this year :-) Would be good to do ID course to help. X