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Observed: 2nd May 2011 By: bobwinnbobwinn’s reputation in Amphibians and Reptilesbobwinn’s reputation in Amphibians and Reptiles
Common Adder

This specimen seemed quite dark in colour, almost 'Black'

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I am so jealous! Really great

I am so jealous! Really great picture. Did it take a lot of patience to get it, or did you chance upon the Adder?

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Common Adder

I came across it by chance, I was really looking for Pearl Bordered Fritillaries. It was just luck, a good day out at Castle Drogo also saw about 40+ Fritillaries and an early Grayling.

Bob Winn

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Very dark adders -

are occasionally found, but it could also be a normally-coloured one that's about to slough. I can't see the eyes, unfortunately - they become discoloured as the snaked gets ready to slough.

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My feeling is this is a darker than usual male about to slough its skin, it does not look to be dark enough to be a 'black' adder as found occasionally.

Graham Banwell

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