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Claw marks

Observed: 26th April 2011 By: chrismajo
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I think we need a bit more of

I think we need a bit more of a clue! On just claw marks, it could be almost anything - especially when no size is given. To identify mammal prints correctly you need to see the pattern of pads and how they relate to the toes. I don't see any pad marks. It could simply be a running dog. If you can find a clear complete print, post that as well.



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There appear to be only four claw marks, which would suggest it is not a mustelid. However, an indication of size is needed. If it is a larger mammal then it is probably a canid (dog or fox). Without prints you can't ID much further.

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I agree can you give us some idea of scale? Even roughly.

Graham Banwell

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