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  • "I enjoyed this course a lot, learnt a lot of new things. I specifically enjoyed using iSpot to record photos of my finds and the interaction was good. The nice part is I can keep using ispot even after the course has finished. Overall a lovely course to do."

The next presentation of Neighbourhood Nature (S159) begins in May. Register before 13th May to make sure you get a place. Click here for more information and how to register. Financial support may be available.

  • "Interesting and informative course, really well presented. I found the content appropriate and the course book really clear. Would recommend this to anyone ..."


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neighbourhood nature

I have just completed the course, and have really enjoyed it. Its taught me how to 'look' at what I'm looking at!! More so, how to identify what I see. I would recommend it to anyone with an interest in the nature all around them.


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Neighbourhood Nature current student

I'm currently studying this course and thoroughly enjoying it. Having studied ecology many years ago (before the internet really took off), i-Spot and all the other online resources are proving a fantastic source of information and advice. Thoroughly recommended if you want to know more about the wildlife in your area, wherever you live.