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The return of the beaver

This week's Saving Species features the European Beaver and the issues around its reintroduction to Britain. For more about this topic visit the OpenLearn pages from the Open University:



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I'm sick of hearing about

I'm sick of hearing about beavers. “They do the habitat management for free”. Really? A couple of years ago, the Scottish Wildlife Trust was scrounging £750,000 from its members just to top up its beaver fund. That is after I don't know how many thousands of pounds have been put in by SNH. You could have safeguarded some serious blocks of habitat with that money. And the best of it is, I'm told there is already a feral beaver population in Scotland, which is now being quietly rounded up. Of course, Wales wants to get in on the act. I went to a talk by one of the gravy train clamberers a few years ago. Apparently, the main benefits of beavers will be vague improvements in the fish population, and clearer water. It struck me how similar his propaganda was to what the CEGB used to put out in the 1980s when it was trying to persuade us that acid rain was good for the environment.

John Bratton