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Red and Black Beetle

Observed: 20th April 2011 By: jonmortin
Bristol Regional Environmental Records Centre
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Length about 15mm (rough estimate)

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Dinoptera collaris is a RDB3 species here in the UK - local and rare in central and southern England, with some of the most recent records from the Wyre Forest. A nice piccie - even if iyou had to go to Spain to see it!

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not Dinoptera

Dinoptera has a narrow pronotum and does not have striate elytra. Maybe Carabidae?

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Dinoptera or Heliotaurus

Compare the pictures of the two species and look at the relative widths of the pronotum compared to the elytra - Heliotaurus has a pronotum of approximately the same width as the elytra, Dinoptera has a relatively narrow pronotum and thus has distinctive "shoulders" to the elytra.

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Thanks for the id. Matt, I

Thanks for the id. Matt, I have looked at images for this species, many from Spain and almost always on this type of flower, and am inclined to agree. It seems to be known sometimes as the Blister Beetle. I'm not sure why but maybe I had a lucky escape!