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Fungus.Purple.ID please.

Observed: 30th November 2009 By: Doug Coates
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Purple fungus found on very rotten tree trunk, not sure of tree species,in a faily wet and shady wood.About the size of a flattened piece of chewing gum.No other examples to be seen so did not disturb so no picture of stem or gills if it had any,impossible to tell as grew very close to log.


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I agree that this is

I agree that this is Ascocoryne sarcoides or Purple jellydisc as it is commonly known: the almost spherical shape is probably due to the fruiting body being very newly formed, it will flatten out eventually into the form most commonly seen.

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Thank you.

Thank you for the ID. I had looked at Purple jellydisc when spending the whole night trying to ID it but as said i could only find brain like examples.Now my search is specific I have found disc examples as well.The frost we have had may have put an end to it but will go look to see if any brain like specimums are about.