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Observed: 26th April 2011 By: Leonardo
Bugs need ID

I had a number of timber boards stacked vertically against a wall. As I started to move them, I found they appeared to be firmly stuck together, and it was quite difficult to prise them apart. The "glue" was patches of "cocoons"? similar to those in the top of the picture. On closer examination, many of the contained a small yellow lava at the end.
I would just love to know what they are.

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Larval features

Interested to know what the features of these two larva are that Rimo and Martin are using. I've just been given some wax moth larva (http://www.ispot.org.uk/node/303698 and http://www.ispot.org.uk/node/303700) and am having difficulty finding any documentation of the larva.

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Beirne, B.P. 1954. British

Beirne, B.P. 1954. British Pyralid and Plume Moths, Warne, London says
Aphomia sociella: The larva is yellowish, faintly clouded with grey dorsally, with reddish-brown head and prothoracic and anal plates.
Galleria mellonella: The larva is dull pale grey, more yellowish underneath, with the head and prothoracic plates reddish-brown.

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Forgot I had that book. On the basis of that description I agree that this is Bee Moth.

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Leonardo if you can edit this entry and reclassify it as "Invertebrate" rather than "Other organism" the likely ID feature will work.