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Observed: 25th April 2011 By: DavidHowdon
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Someone asked me what this was and I did not know. Go on iSpot community make me look good next time.

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You seem to have a double flower which I have not seen before,

bearing in mind this is only the third season I have grown this.I have only seen it growing in a couple of old hedgerows&then only a couple of plants.Have managed to keep the plants under control but found when I didn't wash the orange sap of my clothes I was left with a stain.In the Papaveracae family.(poppy.)

Hazel Trevan

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That fluorescent sap -

is supposed to be useful as a tincture for treating warts, and to have a host of other beneficial effects.
Nowadays it is frowned upon as also being toxic due to the presence of isoquinoline alkaloids - but you'd need to eat a lot of the stuff for it to be fatal.

Updated: corrected an irritating typo that even a second-rate chemist should not have made!

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Had heard about the wart cure...

luckily I have not been too badly afflicted but I bet the next one will appear whilst the plant is dormant.Typos only appear too late but can be amusing.Much easier to spot everyone elses.I lost an f in my first comment I now see.I take it you are a chemist & not a greengrocer.

Hazel Trevan

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Yes - well I was, for years

And about the first thing we had to do was to sit and write out ten times all the words that are commonly spelt wrong - "desiccator", "potassium", "phthalate", and so on. Spelling "fluor-" compounds like the stuff you make bread with was considered beyond the pale: at least I didn't do that - I just swapped the "s" and the "c" around.
Greengrocers are supposed to put apostrophes in every where there is a terminal "s": I tend to forget to use them at all!